New York Times Crossword August 24 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword August 24 2019 Crossword Answers

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  • “Let me tell you, this is how to do it”
  • Touch
  • The guy from Ipanema?
  • Rhyming toy on Time’s “All-Time 100 Greatest Toys” list
  • Big name in skin care
  • Not on track
  • Small construction piece
  • Lose strength, as in the knees
  • “Stay out of this!”
  • Drill bit?
  • Classic roadside brand
  • Old man
  • Video game character with the most appearances on magazine covers, per Guinness (1,200 )
  • Blood type abbr.
  • Really hurt
  • Pasty side dish
  • Tournament-seeding consideration
  • Unbelievable discovery in one’s field
  • Spot to buy tix in N.Y.C.
  • Org. with magazines on magazines
  • Droids and such
  • ___ tov (Jewish observance)
  • Intense craving for a particular food
  • Study, for instance
  • Country whose name anagrams to an island when its fourth letter is doubled
  • “Family Guy” airer
  • Company with assembly lines?
  • Path of some electrical conversions, for short
  • Por ___ lado (conversely: Sp.)
  • Royal Navy stronghold during W.W. II
  • Talk radio tuner
  • “The Italian Job” or “The Bank Job”
  • Top-shelf
  • E-sharp?
  • Works for a university, maybe
  • Sunday school reading
  • Climactic part of any “Scooby-Doo” episode
  • Weight of a Japanese yen coin
  • Opposite of a state of disbelief
  • B , but not A-
  • ___ rock (music genre)
  • Highlight reel effect
  • 2001 best seller with a tiger on its cover
  • Personal magnetism
  • One sticking around the rain forest?
  • Sister channel of Cinemax
  • Take precedence over
  • Indian rice dish
  • “Come in!”
  • Typical golf tournament freebies
  • Item put in a lock
  • What some buns are made of
  • “Seriously …?!”
  • Subj. of a military test
  • Wimp
  • Big name in skin care
  • Symbol for 54-Down
  • See 52-Down
  • In all fairness
  • Crossbow-wielding creature of sci-fi
  • Lacking a defined shape
  • “Peace” time?
  • Not fair at all
  • Suffix with fact
  • Very little (of)
  • Rush home?
  • With 38-Down, amount to make do with
  • Units measured by multimeters
  • Tossed
  • Symbols seen in comic strip cursing
  • Lukewarm response
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